Students who attended JC-Math tuition have benefited with improved results. They have a better grasp of their subject matter and have gained proficiency in their analytical skills.

They have discovered that Math can be interesting and relevant in our daily lives.

Mr Ng’s lessons have been instrumental in laying the fundamentals throughout my H2 math journey. Regardless of when a new topic is started, his lessons have either gave me a head start for the topic, or bridged my learning gaps. By starting with basic questions and advancing to the more challenging ones, I’m able to grasp the specific needs of different questions better.

–   Claudia Gee, AJC

Mr Ng’s lessons are always well-planned and helpful in boosting my understanding of the various math topics. His patience and approachability are clearly evident, creating a conducive atmosphere for effective lessons. After joining your tuition class, my math results have improved by leaps and bounds. I used to be one of the weakest math student in my class but after your guidance, I’ve managed to pass all my major internal examinations. You’ve helped me build up my foundations for H2 math, which was what I clearly lacked in J1.

–   Ng Li Wen, AJC

You’re also very patient to all your students and you always made sure everyone follows the pace of your lessons. This actually motivated me to practise math even after tuition class ended.

–   Sylvia Kwong, AJC

It wasn’t easy moving on to A level maths after O levels as the difference in level of difficulty was huge. The new topics were very confusing and the pace in jc can be quite quick. As such, when I attended Mr ng’s lessons, I found myself being able to finally catch up with peers and not lag behind. Some exam techniques were also very useful in helping me score. The online resources provided by Mr ng proved invaluable as well.

–   Daryl Tew, ACJC

I feel that the online resource is quite useful as it is easily accessible. The style of teaching is very patient and I am not afraid to ask questions.

–   Victor Tang, ACJC

Mr Ng is able to cater his lessons to the pace and ability of his students. For the weaker students, he is patient in explaining concepts that will help them grasp the topics better. By ensuring that there is a base level of understanding, he then transits to venture the higher order questions to help his students build an exposure on the questions. He also helps to ensure his students have sufficient practice for the various topics by providing many questions for them and is always willing to help them with questions outside of class.

–   Elyssa Soh, CJC

Mr Ng has greatly helped me in improving my H2 Math. After joining his tuition my foundation became stronger and able to answer questions more easily and also being able to understand concepts better in order to answer examination type of questions. He is also very patient and is easy to voice out your queries thus is easy to correct any misconception.

–   Stephen Chew, CJC

Mr Ng is a patient and thoughtful teacher. He ensures that all his students understand not only the solution but the concepts of the topics as well. He makes sure students grasp these important basic concepts by preparing his own notes for easier reference and revision. His lessons are useful and effective in helping me revise for tests and examinations as his worksheets are full of different types of questions. These made sure that I was well exposed and prepared for a range of questions, at the same time, the practices helped me to apply the concepts that are taught.

–   Tan Wee Ni, CJC

Mr Ng is a passionate teacher who has been of great help in my preparation for A levels. He patiently guided me through my weakest topics so that I had a clearer understanding of the concepts and question types, and made sure I truly understood them before advancing on to others. The large amount of resources he compiled and created were extremely useful for comprehensive revision and conceptual reinforcement, and I found his examination and revision tips particularly helpful as I grappled with problems like confidence and time management.

–   Judith Lim, HCI

I joined Mr Ng’s tuition group in JC2. Despite the little time left for the major A levels and poor understanding of some topics, Mr Ng has been helping me getting a good grasps of the topics that I was facing difficulty with. His method of teaching, not reliant on lecture notes and memorising formulas has helped me at internalising a variety of questions. Mr Ng’s teaching method suits me really well and there seems to be no problem about his way of attending to his students!

–   Abul Razzaq Bin Mohamed Reyal, MJC

You have definitely helped me a great deal in terms of my JC Math journey. Due to the fact that I find my math lectures to be quite hard to comprehend at times, attending your tuition classes always allowed me to get a grasp of the topic and be able to do most of my tutorial questions. I don’t really have any issues understanding the topic after you go through it with us. Your notes are very succinct and easy to understand. Nevertheless, you have made me come to love math. Thank you for being such a kind and patient teacher!

–   Carmel Cheng, NJC

Mr Ng is a very patient tutor who ensures that our foundation is strong before pushing us to do tougher questions. I was struggling with mathematics in Year 1 but I am thankful for Mr Ng who ensures that my basics are strong and mathematics in Year 2 became a breeze. I am grateful to Mr Ng for igniting the passion for Mathematics in me and it has always been my favourite subject :) Thank you Mr Ng!

 –   Shalynn Yeo, NJC

Mr Ng had definitely helped to slowly build up my confidence in math. While not particularly lacking in foundation, my morale in this subject is very low, and this certainly affected my performance in exams. With his patient teaching style and friendly demeanor, my confidence level in the subject grew and with it so did my grades. I like how the mood during the lessons are always so relaxed and how students in the class can chat freely with him. I like the short summaries given out every lesson on each and every topic as they are very clear, neat and concise. They served to be extremely useful in the revision period.

–   Puah Wei Ke, RI

Through the weekly Math lessons, I have gained greater confidence in tackling various question types. Mr Ng has greatly improved my understanding towards techniques learnt and strengthened my ability to apply the knowledge when countering unseen problems faced during practices and exams alike.  Lessons prepared by Mr Ng were catered towards our prevailing misunderstandings and were enjoyable. The techniques taught were thoroughly explained. The ample practice questions provided, coupled with Mr Ng’s patience in guiding my classmates and I, have truly prepared us well for the National Examination. Tuition has definitely deepened my understanding towards the knowledge taught to me in school and boosted my confidence greatly.

–   Ong Xinwei, RI

Prior to joining Mr Ng’s math tuition, my foundation and interest in math was quite poor as I could not understand the lectures in school and could not solve many questions. Mr Ng’s lessons were able to help me fill my foundational gaps as he teaches at a comfortable pace and the questions that he uses helps to strengthen certain concepts. Mr Ng is also able to help me to solve the challenging questions that I face in schoolwork. Overall I have benefited from his lessons and have gained more confidence in doing math.

–   Gideon Tay, RVHS

Mr Ng’s lessons emphasize a lot on basic fundamentals which I feel is crucial in building the foundations. It has helped me clarify many doubts and understand the concepts better.

–   Tan Li Ling, RVHS

Mr Ng’s lessons are really thorough and detailed. His step-by-step approach in teaching Mathematics enables me to understand the concepts fully. He explores different types of questions that proved useful in the A levels.

–   Grace H, SAJC

Your lessons have been an eye-opener on the various types of questions that can be tested for each topic. Before your lessons, I wasn’t very sure of my concepts and techniques that need to be adopted to answer questions. Now I can safely say that I have improved so much so that my grade have improved from an S in the beginning of JC2 to a B in Pre-As.

–   Shahanaa Khaiyum, SRJC

I was introduced to Mr Ng’s tuition through a friend. Before, Math was my weakest subject, however, due to the effective lessons Mr Ng conducted, I was able to jump 3 grades to a C. The lessons are educational, yet interesting due to the occasional humour Mr Ng provides. The online resource is also useful as it has come in handy more than once in helping me get additional practice.

–   Amos Huang, TPJC

Mr Ng is a truly inspiring teacher who makes JC mathematics seems less foreign to me. For a student who has been getting Us for mathematics, Mr Ng has been really patient and provides individual attention even in a class of 10. He constantly ensures that everyone understands before he moves on. This is particularly useful for weaker students. Mr Ng makes use of acronyms to make formulas easier to remember. Ever since I attended his lessons, mathematics has been much easier to digest and apply.

–   Esther Chan, TPJC

Since I joined your classes last year, I have been exposed to much more questions with varying difficulties. Your lessons have taught me not only the application of the content to answer questions, but also understanding certain derivations and thus having a greater grasp of the formulas and concepts. My foundations were strengthened and my interest for the subject grew. Your patience and guidance have motivated me to work harder for Maths than before. I also enjoy the online resources in case we misplace any notes.

–   Jordon Goh, TPJC

Generally, your lessons conducted are far more effective in building my foundation in math compared to the lecture style that my school adopts as it is more engaging. I really appreciate how you explain the theoretical bit of certain topics to help gain a greater depth of understanding of the topic which makes applying the concepts much easier particularly with more unconventional questions like those found in prelim papers where they really test concept as opposed to blind practice of a particular method or way of doing.

Truth be told, probably 80% of my math knowledge is grasped during tuition as I don’t concentrate well during mass lectures as much as I try. And I really like how you don’t encourage us to memorise endless formulas, you teach us a ‘root’ formula and we manipulate it from there to suit other concepts tested. So thanks! And the online resource folders are really effective in facilitating my revision as I can refer to the step by step answers and presentation and to mark my work, and also it is really convenient!

–   Kimberly Tan, TPJC

I started to join Mr Ng’s class when my foundation was weak, and I missed certain topics that he have already gone through. However, Mr Ng always provide me with extra consultations after class whenever i need it, and would patiently help me in clearing conceptual errors. I find that the pace of Mr Ng’s lesson is just right, whereby there’s enough time to internalise new concepts taught which aids learning. Most importantly, Mr Ng always made it a point to check if students understood what he was teaching.

–   Lionel Sim, TPJC

Mr Ng was extremely helpful in my H2 Math journey. Being friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, it was easy to approach him to clarify all the questions that I had from tuition work, to even school work. He would always try his best to explain how to understand each type of question and analyse the different permutations of it and a simplified way to go about solving them. The wealth of materials that were located online made it convenient for me to do any self-practice, instead of procrastinating.

–   Lim Eleen, TJC

I scored 6As (including Maths!!), and was given special mention by the school as an all-rounded student. I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you invested in me. I was not a very strong Maths student but you helped develop my confidence and aptitude in the subject, and in the end, it was worth it. I am truly grateful for all that you have done. I hope to keep in touch in the future and wish you all the best in your endeavours!

–   Abhishek Srivastava, VJC

Mr Ng is an efficient math teacher who teaches math in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Under his guidance, I am able to practice math efficiently during the tuitions. I was also exposed to new types of questions in each lesson.

–   Hua Qiang, VJC

Mr Ng’s patience in explaining in detail even the most basic concepts to students like me who started out with a weak foundation in H2 Maths is one of the reasons why I am more comfortable in tackling tougher math questions. His handwritten notes come in handy many times as well, and are concise and simple to understand. The duration of the lessons is sufficient, and although his teaching methods may vary from other teachers, it helps us to understand how to approach questions in a different way.

–   Janice Goh, YJC

For the testimonials of your classes, they were really productive. Your notes were concise and understanding was never a problem. During classes you have pointed out important concepts and explain them very well. Thank you very much.

–   Prem, YJC

The teaching methods which Mr Ng uses is very effective. He would go through questions with detailed explanations which is different and much more productive than the tutorials classes in schools. The notes created by Mr Ng were very useful in summarising the typical types of questions that would appear in the A levels. When it was near the A level examinations, there were paper 1 and 2 time trials conducted which was a good way to improve a student’s speed in solving questions.

–   Jacob Ang, Private Candidate

Mr Ng has made me more interested and motivated in studying H2 math with his patient and detailed teachings. Furthermore, as someone with a weak foundation in certain topics of H2 math, I really appreciate that his teaching style has given me the opportunity to voice my doubts and improve this areas of weaknesses.

–   Lum Xin Hui, Private Candidate

Mr Ng has help me to understand my weak topics better. He is able to break down difficult questions effectively and teach me to understand instead of memorising the formulas blindly. I also appreciate that he is very patient and will not hesitate to stay after class to answer my queries. He is a responsible tutor who will check on his students’ progress and will guide them steadily throughout the lesson. His affable personality makes him approachable and students are not afraid to ask him questions in class. Lastly, thank you Mr Ng for your guidance and advice!

–   Shannon Neo, Private Candidate