Graphic Calculator TI 84 Plus

You don’t have your beloved graphic calculator with you? Simply install Texas Instruments GC right on your mobile phone then. Free and convenient for android devices, TI-84 Plus emulator comes in very handy when you need one. All you need is to go to Google Play Store and search for Wabbitemu by BuckeyeDude.

Click on the free version and install!

The installation will require you to create a ROM. Choose the 2nd option “Help me create a ROM using open source software”.

For the type of calculator to emulate, it depends on your preference. The latest version of the TI 84 family is TI-84 Plus C SE.

After a successful installation, you will be able to use the TI-84 Plus C SE on your phone!

TI 84 Graphic Calculator

One thing to note is that this free version does not come with any applications.